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A (Realistic!) Guide On How To Ditch Your Old Life And Travel The World as a Freelance Social Media Manager

Okay so tell me, how would your life change if...

  • You could travel the world while working from anywhere (with good wifi) without being stuck at a desk…
  • You could make your own schedule – without a boss who is telling you when to work…

Listen, I know exactly what you’re thinking… “yup, that sounds ideal… but is it even realistic for me?”

Well, I know you’ve seen hundreds of Instagram stories of other women doing precisely that… but let’s be honest here for a second:

No one really tells you what it is they are EXACTLY doing - I mean apart from posting pictures on Instagram…

Are they even making Cha-Ching? 

So, if you’re NOT an influencer, can you really work and travel at the same time?

YES you can, babe! As a freelance social media manager! 

This was my exact story. I left my 9to5 , got rid of my apartment & all of my belongings and hopped on a plane to Bali.

I was living the dream…
until I ran out of 💸💸.

I was looking at all of my other friends having what I wanted to have, but the jobs they were doing just didn’t appeal to me. I took to Google and found something I liked the sound of… freelancing as a social media manager.

Here’s the thing:

No boss is telling you when or how long you need to work.

Your clients want to see results
– they don’t care how long it takes you to do it or from where you are doing it (couch, pool or in your pj’s - all fine).

So what is a social media manager actually doing (exact tasks pls!), how much can you make and where the heck should you get started?

In this guide, you’ll find out what tasks a social media manager actually does, how a typical day looks like and what EXACT action steps you can do in order to get started now.

This guide is for you if…

  • You have no clear idea what a freelance social media manager exactly is or what a freelance social media manager is doing.
  • ​You have no idea how to get started (you can’t just leave your office job without a plan, I get that).
  • ​You are wondering how on earth to even get clients?!
  • ​You’re questioning how much you can actually make from this – and I am not talking about getting a free bikini in exchange for twenty Instagram posts.

But listen, don’t just take my word for it!

So, if you’re thinking “Sounds all good Nadine, but I couldn’t do that or make it work…”

Maybe you don’t have experience and have no idea where to start... 

I hear you lovely, and I’ve worked with hundreds of women
just like you.  

Stuck in a 9 to 5 they may or may not love, but they knew that they wanted something different… and they were willing to give it a try. 

Something that doesn’t involve a boss telling you to sit at your desk for 8 hours or when you can go on a vacation right? 

Listen to these beautiful souls and who were feeling what you might feel now:

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